Episode 1: Never Pressure Wash a Roof

Got moss problems on your roof, or is it just plain dirty? Do you want to clean it up in order to get top dollar when you get around to selling?

Then, by all means, clean the moss off. BUT DON’T PRESSURE WASH YOUR ROOF!

Even on a low pressure setting, pressure washers are notorious for destroying roof shingles. I tell my clients this all the time, and I’m sure most take my advice seriously, but I’m sure there are some who think that I’m exaggerating.

The roof below was just a few years old, and the seller decided to clean it up a little before putting the house on the market. This is a roof that is severely damaged and needs to be replaced - a simple pressure wash turns into mistake that will cost THOUSANDS of dollars to repair. Don’t do it!

In fact, don’t use any methods of roof cleaning that apply force to the roof surface - this includes using brooms or other tools.

Chemical cleaners are the way to go to kill moss (and, for the eco-conscious among you, there are plenty of solutions, including baking soda).

You’ve been warned.