Sample Inspection Report


This Is My Home

In December of 2016 I, like so many of my clients, purchased a home. Also like so many of my clients, I knew that this home was not perfect. In fact, because of my experience, I knew first hand just how imperfect it was! 

We were looking for a bit of a "fixer" and that is precisely what we found. I am fortunate to have the skill and experience to take on many of the necessary projects on my own - but I know that many homeowners are not so fortunate. 

I wanted to perform an inspection on the home and provide it as a public service: These are the issues that were present in my home (and I am quite certain more will be brought to light the longer we live here!), and many of these are present in other homes - but the average homeowner just doesn't know what they are looking for!

This is why home inspections are so important! How many of these defects would the average home buyer discover on their own? How many would remain hidden until the problem got worse (which means a lot more money)?

Download the Sample Report by Clicking Here