Home Inspections: A Cautionary Tale

What Not To Do - A Homeowner’s Toolkit

We’re always giving advice to our clients. Do this, don’t do that, remember this… Sometimes these items are minor, sometimes they are crucial. But we want to make sure that you know that when we say these things to you we aren’t just “blowing smoke”. We’ve got good reasons for the advice we give and the errors we point out, and we hope that this section can provide some visual proof as to why we say what we say.

Episode 1: Pressure Washing a Roof

 Has anyone ever told you that you really shouldn’t be pressure washing your composition shingle roof? Well you shouldn’t! Even on a low pressure setting, pressure washers are notorious for destroying roof shingles. The roof below was just a few years old, and the seller decided to clean it up a little before putting the house on the market. This is a roof that needs to be replaced - a simple pressure wash turns into mistake that will cost THOUSANDS of dollars to repair. Don’t do it!